6 Ways to Protect Your Precious Joints

Medical professionals can give you medicines to try and ease the pain of aching joints, but what can you do to help protect your joints?

Lose Weight

Not all sufferers are overweight, but if you are carrying more weight than you should it puts an extra strain on your joints, particularly your knees and ankles. Getting rid of some of the extra weight with a little more healthy living can make a huge difference to the amount of pain you suffer. It is said that just a 5% drop in body fat will make your joints less painful.

Don’t Let Them Stiffen

It is very tempting if your shoulder hurtsto avoid anything that will make it mobile. This is actually the wrong thing to do. Try not to stay in one position for too long as gentle exercise is very good for relieving the stress on your joints.

Avoid Stressing Your Joints

Avoid doing anything that will put extra stress on your joints. For instance, if you want to avoid the possibility of a full hip replacement surgery, don’t try to take extra long strides, as that will make your hips worse.  There are simple household tasks that you would not think of perhaps, like opening jars when the lid is stiff. Do not force yourself to do this. If there is no one around to help you, invest in a wall mounted jar opener. These let you insert the jar and leave both hands free to turn it while the opener holds the lid firmly in place.

Use Your Strongest Joints

Use your stronger joints to help the weaker ones. If you are climbing stair put your strongest leg first, unless you are coming back down them and then put the weakest first. Use your shoulder or arm to push a door open if you are having trouble with your hands or wrists.

Make Your Home User-Friendly

You can make life easier while you are at home by doing just a few simple things. Fit electric can openers in the kitchen, and use food mixers rather than having to stir thing yourself.  Buy clothing that is non-iron, and do not worry about ironing the things that no one else ever sees, such as your bed linen.

In fact, there are many labor-saving devices on the market that can help to make your home more user-friendly, and some household chores that we do because we feel we have to, not because they are a must.

Ask For Help

Painful joints can put limitations on your life, and you should not be afraid to ask for help. Let family and friends know the challenges you are facing on a daily basis and you may just find that you get all the help you need.

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