6 Reasons Christmas Isn’t The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

I know what you are thinking: bah humbug! Look, everyone, it’s the Grinch that stole Christmas. Let’s laugh at him because he doesn’t like the most beautiful time of the year! Lighten up a little, Ebenezer.

As soon as you mention that you may not love Christmas, the claws come out. How dare you! Are you okay? Do you need counseling? Maybe, but that isn’t the point right now. The point is that from the 25th of December to the 1st of January is a perfect seven days. Sure, there are good things, such as drinking and eating as much as you want without judgment. Pass the stuffing grandma, and don’t give me that look!

Still, like everything, there are pros and CONS. If this post hasn’t depressed you enough already, here are seven reasons not to get into the holiday spirit. Merry Christmas to one and all!

Run On Presents

Supermarkets are, typically, regimented places to get your groceries for the week. Simply walk in, pick up a basket or trolley, and follow the signs until you get everything you need. Then, walk out the door, preferably without paying but, hey, no one’s going to judge if you unsheathe the credit card. Xmas turns the local store into a scene from an apocalypse movie. Rather than form an orderly line, shoppers cut in, ram with their trolleys, and rip items out of other people’s’ hands. Apart from being mildly funny, and it is quite the spectacle, it’s a damning indictment of human nature in a crisis. Killing for a turkey is acceptable in a zombie disaster, but it’s a little uncouth on the Friday before Christmas.

Yearly Panic

No matter how many times people try and get in front, it never happens. Then, all of a sudden, it’s Xmas Eve and there are still presents to buy. Oh dear! What happens next? Well, against better judgment, shoppers head to the local high street which is doubling as a crime scene and hit the stores. What follows can only be described as a mild heart attack when the realization hits home: there’s nothing left. After all, it’s Christmas, so the gift has to be amazing even though they aren’t going to use it. Thus, the rest of the day plays out with anxious men and women traipsing around a ten-mile radius in the hopes they strike gold. Is there anything worse for health than the buildup to the festive season?


Of course, the cost of potential items only increases the closer it gets to the last weekend before the 25th. “Yes, but there is Black Friday and Cyber Monday and they’re cheap.” Okay, let’s say these days are exploitable, the hassle of dealing with the crowds makes them impossible. And, there is never any stock left because get this, the promotions don’t take place on the days. Logical people think the clue is in the title, yet such is the power of consumerism that lots of companies start early. Amazon had a week-long Black Friday promotion this year! No, most people have to stick to the regular old days which don’t have any adjectives. You know? The likes of Thursday or Saturday, which are totes boring by the way. As a result, everything from food to decorations to gifts costs double. Speaking of doubles, someone pour one in a large glass. It’s been a long couple of days.


Anyone who claims boredom isn’t an issue over Christmas is a liar! Well, maybe not a compulsive fib-teller, but certainly someone who feels they have to stick up for this holiday. On average, people who are used to working sixty hour weeks for eleven and three-quarter months of the year have to take two weeks off, and it’s a catastrophe. No one knows what to do, how to act, and if Tiny Tim will make it through. One thing everyone knows is that there is only so much bad TV and leftover turkey one can eat. On a serious note, the boredom can lead to feelings of loneliness and depression according to Foundations Counseling. As it happens, Xmas puts an extra strain on the emergency services because the booze and gloominess can lead people to do bad things. To the majority of people, it’s a fantastic time to reconnect with family and friends. Unfortunately, some people don’t have either and can’t deal with being alone.

In Bad Health

Let’s face it – it’s impossible to resist the culinary delights of the holidays. Sadly, this means the scales take a battering at the start of January. Honestly, the thought of what the weighing machine may read sends some individuals into a tailspin. The problem is not just Christmas but the period afterward. Although good intentions are rife, it’s difficult to jump on a healthy bandwagon and ride it all the way to fitville. On the whole, the weight stays on and that is bad for the body because it can increase cholesterol. Too much of it in the veins mean the vital organs have to work harder, and that puts them through undue stress which may lead to complications. But, it’s catch-22 because no one on the earth can gorge and then shed weight in a short space of time. Well, everyone other than Christian Bale. The guy does take his craft seriously.

Christmas Songs

Dear Lord, are you playing a practical joke or did Mariah Carey just play for the tenth time today? Don’t get it twisted – there are a handful of Christmas crackers that play on the radio. Fairytale of New York is a particular favorite of, well, of everyone! Still, there is more bad than good, and there are hardly any exceptional festive tunes. And, the ones that are worth a listen are overplayed and make a person want to scream. No Andy Williams, whoever you are, it isn’t the most wonderful time of the year when you’re on the radio once again!


Folks: it’s sad to admit but it’s very accurate.

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