5 Ways To Live a Life You’re Proud Of

So far, this has been a big decade for me. I went through some major changes, one of which leaving the religion I was raised in. I was given an identity; raised in a manner that told me who I was, and what I was going to be.  When I left… I didn’t know who I was, what I wanted, or where I was going.

On the plus side, I could be and do anything I wanted!  I was a young adult with a blank slate, and with very little experience or critical thinking skills. I got through, I fought to be this version of me and I will continue to fight to be the BEST version of me. I am proud of the woman I am. Reflecting on ways I have fought to become this version, I’ve come up with 5 ways that have propelled me into living a life I’m proud of.

Read and learn about EVERYTHING that interests you.
I didn’t know what I was passionate about, but I knew that I was curious about everything. I spent my downtime researching, reading, listening to lectures, debates…  any question I had I would research it until I couldn’t find anything new. I started to form opinions about things, and my curiosity grew deeper and deeper; learning became my favorite hobby.

Enjoy the little things.
It’s so strange to say this, but I started to notice things I never took the time to appreciate before. The vibrant color of flowers, the way the sun hits the grass in the morning, the sound of birds singing while the sun rises… if there is a heaven, THIS is it… if there is a hell, THIS is it… it’s a state of mind, and I tell myself this every day. It may have been a bad day, but I got to watch the sunrise while most people slept. I get to watch the sunset on the water, in the most beautiful town in the USA. There is gratitude to be found in simple things.

Find what makes you happy – and then do it.
This could be a hobby, a job, a person… find what makes you happy and exhaust yourself in it. Life is meant to be lived, enjoyed… I am not guaranteed a tomorrow, so you bet your ass I’ll live today as if it’s my last. I want to go out in love, in lust, in gratitude, and in laughter. I found that happiness is self-made, I found that hope keeps me youthful and free.

Be good to others.
It’s such a simple idea. I was taught the Golden Rule, as I’m sure most of you were as well. But there is nothing like the feeling of helping someone who will never be able to repay you. My legacy lives on through the hearts I’ve touched. I’m not perfect by any means, but I know that being good to others helps this world be a better place… No reward. No one keeping tabs… just love and compassion, that’s the good stuff.

Let go.
Ah yes, we’ve all heard it… but I’m telling you, if you don’t let go, you’re not living. Let go of the grudges, let go of the thing your parent did 3 years ago, let go of “I wish”… let go of anything that doesn’t serve you or help you grow. Learn from it, take the good, then move on. I know about regret, I know about grudges, I know the feeling of how do I get through today without thinking of yesterday… it never helps, it always hurts. Let that shit go.


5 Ways to Live a Life you're Proud of: A Better Today Media

5 Ways To Live a Life You're Proud Of: A Better Today Media

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