5 Things to Remember about Going Back to School

It’s back to school time again! Holidays are winding down and the infamous first day of school is almost here. Going back to school is always a hectic time of year. It means having to get back into a rhythm, having to get up at a reasonable hour and realising that we are growing up, which can be particularly daunting for those starting High School or even College this year.


Going back to school is something A LOT of people dread. However with this like most things, it’s not always as bad as it seems. School means having to do work and sometimes tedious subjects, but it also means seeing friends, making new friends and participating in some great activities resulting in wonderful life experiences and valuable learning along the way.


With the right tools and the knowledge on how to use them, getting through the school day with each of your limbs attached can be as easy as the ABC’s. Here are 5 things to remember when going back to school;


The teachers are not out to get you.
Amongst students, the thought that a teacher is purposely being mean or is out to get their students is a surprisingly common thought. Some teachers may be strict or have a very direct teaching style but it’s highly unlikely they’re out to get you. They too had to go to school and at one point probably felt similar feelings or faced similar issues to you. Teachers are there to teach you and help you learn in the best possible way they can.


You’re not the only one.
Going to school can be a very daunting task and has made many a student anxious through the generations. Whether it be a social anxiety or a fear of failure, these things happen. You’re not the only one going through it. There are a lot of people at a school and there’s a 100% guarantee that a good few of them have similar if not the same fears as you. Even the person sitting next to you in class has fears of their own. Going through school without any fears at all is an unlikely occurrence. That although true can be rather concerning, but it’s reasons like that and similar that schools have support staff. There’s always someone to talk to if you’re scared or concerned.


There’s always ways to get help.
School can be hard. We don’t really want to accept it but it’s true. However just because it’s hard doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to fail. It’s the school’s job to try and make sure you don’t. Schools are equipped with staff and resources to make sure you the student can get the best education possible. There are libraries full of books and computers to help you and offices full of staff to help you. It’s just a matter of getting the help should you need it. Reluctance and procrastination often get in the way of someone getting help, needing help isn’t always the easiest thing to admit. Admitting and seeking help is incredibly important and can take a lot of the weight off your shoulders.


You CAN relax and DO work!
Work then relax or relax then work, the age old debate. The work to relaxation ratio is always hard to figure out. Although quite commonly different amongst different people, each and every person has their own successful ratio. It’s just a matter of finding it. The workload from a certain class or classes paired with reluctance to get help (see point 3) means that people often find themselves studying for hours on end in order to get the work done. Trying to get all of the work done at once can mean you get longer periods of free time, but it’s not a recommended method of study. Studying like this can often be stressful on the mind and body and can cause the rate of knowledge retention to seriously decrease. Find the right ratio! Whether it’s one hour of work to half an hour of break or doing work for a certain subject then taking a break, your body will thank you in the long run.


Scores aren’t everything.
Here in Australia a lot of emphasis is put on how important or final year scores are because of how much influence it has on where we go to school afterward and potentially what we do later on in life. This is to such an extent that it often causes a large number of students to go through a severe amount of stress while studying. Although scores are assessed in different ways and have different long term purposes depending on which country you study in, the idea that perfect scores are super important goes through the minds of students all across the world.

It is true, scores ARE important. However they are not the only measure of success. The scores are based off how well you do in that particular assessment situation and can also be subject to change for a whole range of reasons. You may not do well then and there in the moment, but that doesn’t mean you won’t do well in your next year of school or later on in life. The knowledge you have can be built up, added onto and improved. Not getting “perfect” scores or the score you set as a goal doesn’t mean failure. It means inspiration to try harder next time.


With those 5 points in mind remember the ever important fact that school isn’t the be all and end all. Schools exist to teach you information that will help you later on in life, they exist to help you go on and make something of yourself. They’re not, however, the final stepping stone to life.

You can always go back to school, get a job, go on a holiday or otherwise do something else that leads to you doing or gaining the motivation required to do what you want to do in life or begin the process to get there. Life will test you in more ways than in written or presentation form. Regardless if you get average marks, above average marks or possibly don’t finish school, you will still come out of it with important experience and lessons learned.
5 Things to Remember about Going Back to School.




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