4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Keynote Speaker

Whether you’re trying to motivate your team, inspire your student body, or bring life-changing perspective for all, you should really consider hiring a motivational keynote speaker.

Here are four reasons why you should consider bringing in a motivational speaker for your next event.

Fresh Perspective

Motivational speakers often bring a fresh perspective. Perspective is key in discovering new ideas, maintaining a positive mental attitude, and advancing in personal goals. Fresh perspective has a huge impact on our brain’s neuro passages (as you think so shall you become.)

Change = Progress

Stagnancy is a business killer. Bringing in a keynote or motivational speaker can help you stay ahead of the latest ideas, behavioral hacks, and techniques. And like we mentioned above, by simply helping them change the way they see things, it can increase productivity.

Inspiration and Energy

A fantastic speaker can help bring in inspiration and motivation to a stagnant team. We all know the importance of mindset. A speaker can help boost positivity, help them reach their goals, and help them see the tools they have to be successful.

Investing Matters

If you’re taking the time to motivate your employees, it shows how much trust and care you have for their life and career development.

Image credit: stevemaraboli.net | PayPal Keynote

So how do you go about hiring a great keynote / motivational speaker? You can go through one of the thousands of speaking agencies, or you can contact a speaker directly on their website.

Take Steve Maraboli for example, he seems to be a pretty approachable guy. You call his number, and you speak directly to him. That’s pretty incredible, given that Inc. Magazine said, “The Most Quoted Man Alive… Steve Maraboli is the common denominator in today’s most successful companies and organizations.”

Another perk to hiring a famous speaker like Steve, is that they usually have a huge following and high engagement on social media. So if you’re trying to sell tickets, you’ll know there will be millions of eyeballs on YOUR event.

If you’re reading this and you’re not the head of the company, or in Human Resources, the best thing to do is contact your manager or HR department, and let them know that you have a great idea on hiring a motivational speaker. It might be just what your company needs.



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