4 Must-Have Content Tools for Writers

(Updated January 2019)

As a Social Media Ninja, there is nothing more cringe-worthy than seeing amazing words plastered with-no-thought onto an image.

When I first started out as a content creator, it was 9 years ago – memes and picture quotes were JUST getting started on Facebook – looking back, I can’t believe what I thought was quality content! I had no one to talk to, and there wasn’t a ton of picture quotes to compare them to… luckily with mistakes came experience and wisdom.

I have built a successful media company, my clients are amazing authors of whom I believe in so strongly. I don’t often give away information; social media and content tips, because it’s what I do for a living. However, I am happy to share some knowledge and help when I’m able.

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Here are 4 AWESOME tools that I use/have used for content creation.

I’ve been using Picmonkey for as long as I’ve been making picture quotes and promos. The possibilities are endless with this program. It’s one of the most popular programs used by professional content creators. The good news is, you can try it FREE for 7 days.  Want to see what New PicMonkey is all about? Sign-up for your free trial today!


Background images matter. If you’re not sure what to go with, don’t be afraid to use a solid color. Many writers decide to go with a theme for their images. There is a right way to do this. And if you’re doing it wrong, it’s costing you. There are many sites that offer FREE use of images. No catch. Don’t use google images – many are protected by copyright.


If it’s difficult for you to read the words on the image – it’s difficult for everyone else. Don’t use a font that is difficult to read. It’s not artistic, stop it. Remember, photographers don’t just snap the picture. They follow guidelines. When placing your text, make sure the composition of the text looks pleasing on the image. If you want advice, email me – I’ll be happy to tell you how to make the image more appealing.

Adobe Spark Post app:
It’s a convenient app for those who are on the run like I am. It exports in amazing quality. The font options are great, and you have layouts options – 1×1, 16:9, etc… that’s important for those who also want to post their pictures on twitter without it being cropped.

Enlight app:
This is for the more experienced creators. I mostly use this to combine images through photoshop. There are also other great features. Text. Filters. Brushes. Collage options. It’s basically a photoshop program in your hand.

Just because you have access to these tools doesn’t mean your content is going to change dramatically. You have to let go of your bad habits. Compare your content to other content that has a high amount of shares and engagement. Be careful of the “share for share” images – these are shared because of an agreement made between page owners, not necessarily because the content is great. Learn to differentiate between the two.

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