12 Ways to Tell If Your Dog Is Part of the Family

Whenever the word “relationship” comes up, we automatically assume that it refers to humans. But for 33,000 years, humans have been making friends with dogs too. 

For some, though, it is more than just a pastoral role. They’re not just there to look after their dog, clip its toenails and take it to the vet when it gets poorly. They’re there to LOVE their pooch, come hell or high water. 

Is your dog your family? Here’s how you can tell. 

Every Photo You Post On Social Media Features Your Dog

Posting the odd photo or two of your dog to social media sites is par for the course. Everyone does it. But featuring your pet in every upload – that’s a sign of love! 

If all your selfies feature your dog, then there’s no denying it. You’re head over heels for your pooch according to buzzfeed.com.

Your Dog Is Always Welcome At The Dinner Table

Professional dog trainers implore people not to allow their dogs to eat with them at the dinner table. It incites bad habits, causes them to steal food, and makes them feel as if they are equal to their human owners. 

But if you love your dog, you’re cool with that. Why shouldn’t your pet be an equal member of the family? If you love them, that’s a good thing.

When you operate a setup like this, mealtimes are always fun. Dogs are dogs after all. 

You Love Snuggling

Curling up on the couch and watching TV, or reading a book after a busy day is one of life’s joys. But it is always better when it is an experience shared. 

You’ve Rented Out A Dog Bed

A lot of owners will put their dog in one of those plastic tubs with a few pillows and cushions at the bottom of it to keep them comfortable. It’s the least that you should do. Some owners, though, go a step further and rent out specialist dog beds for their pooches to ensure that they are perfectly comfortable all night long. 

You Sleep In The Same Room As Your Dog

Sleeping in the same room as your spouse is an accepted and healthy part of life. Bedding down with your pooch, though, is a little less ordinary. 

Some owners, though, can’t bear the thought of their dog downstairs in the dark, restricted to their kennel. They want them up in the bedroom with them, even if they howl and scrabble in the night.  

You Take Your Dog With You On Pointless Errands

Nipping out to the shops or posting a letter takes fifteen minutes max. But if you love your dog, even that short amount of time apart from them is too much. Your dog is your first love and your best friend – you have to have them with you at all times!

Your Dog Joins You on Vacations

Dogs love the outdoors. It’s in their DNA, so they’re always game for going on an adventure.

For people, though, it can be a different story. Some dog owners can’t wait to send their pooch off to the kennel while they go out into nature for a couple of weeks to enjoy themselves. 

For others, the idea of leaving their dog in the company of strangers is a nightmare. What if they don’t look after them properly? What if they don’t provide the dog with treats? That would be a tragedy!

If you love your dog, you always take them on adventures, whether it’s hiking or packing all your stuff in the car and going to the beach.


You’ve Already Preparing Yourself For Their Funeral

Dogs are wonderful creatures, but their biology conspires against them. Most breeds only live between seven and fifteen years – that’s not long at all. 

Dog lovers, therefore, often end up on sites like memorials.com, preparing for the departing of their pet in advance. If their dog is going to die, they want to make sure that they give them a proper send-off. 

You Allow Your Dog To Do Things You’d Never Let A Person Do

If somebody climbed onto your bed and started licking your face to wake you up in the morning, you’d be annoyed. But when your dog does the EXACT same thing, you’re cool with it. It’s just a sign your pooch loves you.

You Appreciate Your Dog Daily

The beautiful thing about dogs is that they will never let you down. They’re loyal to a fault. No matter how hard your day has been, they’re always there to comfort you and let you know that things will be okay. 

Many people, therefore, find themselves appreciating their dogs daily. They’re thankful that they’re never fickle or miserable, and always there for them. They might not be able to speak, but they’re the best friend that you’ve ever had. 

Other People Don’t Understand Your Relationship With Your Dog

You know that you’ve got something special going on between you and your dog when other people don’t understand your relationship at all. You know that your dog is your best friend and always there for you, but nobody else you know gets it. It’s just a special thing between you and your pooch. 

Your Ideal Friday Night Is A Night In With Your Dog

Having an exciting social life is all about hitting the town, drinking cocktails, and going to parties, right? 

If your dog is your family, an ideal Friday night is more like sitting opposite your pooch, dining together on some delicious meal. What’s the point of going out if everything you have to make you happy is sitting there in front of you? 

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