10 Rules I’ve Learned In Life

There are a few things life has taught me and I completely swear by. I find that these rules just make life simple and attract the right people.


1. Be true to yourself and truthful to others.
Saying the truth is so simple and liberating. It’s lies that are difficult, say one and you’re forced to say another to cover it. Lies have a way of revealing themselves sooner or later and no one likes a liar.

2. Be kind, spread a little joy.
Everyone is fighting a battle of their own and a little kindness goes a long way. Someday if you’re lucky it might just come back to you.

3. Never give someone false hope.
This applies to everything, be it relationships or work or anything else. No one needs their hopes crushed.

4. Never take anything or anyone for granted.
Nothing in life is permanent, not happiness and not sorrow. If you’re at your peak don’t take your success for granted and if you’re at your lowest keep in mind that things will get better. That’s life.

5. Enjoy your life, you have only one.
Enjoy life, the little things, a smile, the rain, a sunset. Smile a little more, do that thing you’ve always wanted to do. Don’t have any regrets.

6. Make time for your loved ones.
Your loved ones are those who are always in your corner, make them feel cherished. Spend/ make time for them.

7. You are magnificent, don’t let anybody dull your sparkle!
There are many people you will come across in life who will make you feel like you are not enough, make you feel bad about yourself. Stay away from them. Realise your worth and never let them bring you down.

8. Different does not mean bad, be tolerant.
Just because someone is different doesn’t mean they are bad. Don’t judge. People are different, different races, different religions, different sexual orientations etc. That doesn’t give us a right to judge them or classify them negatively in any way. Be tolerant. Live in harmony. Respect others. Respect diversity.

9. Think of those who are less fortunate.
When your blessed with food on your table, clothes to wear and a roof over your head think of those who are less fortunate. Help them in any way you can.

10. Respect mother nature and her animal children.
The earth and it’s flora an fauna came before us. Let’s remember this and avoid harming them any more than we already have.



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Karishma R.K

Karishma R.K writes under the pseudonym of Phoenix Mode. She holds a degree in Law and describes herself as a lover of words, books, and animals. Karishma believes writers put a fragment of their soul in all that they write; bleeding their hearts and minds onto paper. Writing is something she started later in life, but doesn't plan to stop anytime soon.

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